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My Buddy Photography is Maira and Jeffrey, dedicated, in-love and completely passionate with documenting our furry friends. This attraction started when I was a little girl going to my family's farm in beautiful countryside in Brazil. Almost every animal was my personal pet...dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, chicks, goats and roosters. Somehow I knew, even as a child, that I would find a way to give them a voice and the respect they didn't always have. I eventually graduated with a Master's Degree in Biology Science with a specialization in primate behavior, working in the jungle for more than 10 years! In 2011, I met and married Jeffrey, the man I most admire and who introduced me to the world of photography. Jeffrey and I are partners in everything, including photography.  Every single day we work together to bring you the best in Pet Photography!

 Our pets become part of our family. There is nothing more valuable than that, and this is the attitude we take when we document your Buddy. We strive to make these photos incredible from the very get go. "Investment" is a very heady word, but the truth is, the work we will deliver will certainly appreciate in time. A value much more valuable than gold! Most people take hundreds of cellphone images of their pet but never feel truly satisfied with the results. Our goal is to document the true personality of your pets. For this reason, each session is unique, the style of photo is different, the uniqueness of your pet is documented accurately. No two pets are the same! Finally, My Buddy Photography is driven to deliver for you the highest quality materials, frames, papers, prints and images. At the end of the day, you will receive an incredible experience, as well as a work of art documenting your most loyal friend, the one who loves you the best!  



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