My Buddy Photography is proud to offer a variety of packages that can be customized to meet the needs of all of our clients. One thing is, your family and your pets are going to have a lot of fun!!    


Beside the normals packages we also offer Specials Sessions like:


-  Dog/Cat Smash Cake 


The perfect way to celebrate your buddy's birthday or, maybe you just want to give her a special treat for being such a special pet!  Imagine the incredible joy emanating from your pet's face, and we are there to document every moment!   (A delicious but specially made cake for pets is included and we double check to make sure there are no problems with allergies. All natural ingredients to keep your pet healthy.)


- Three Seasons

Colorado is a special place to live where each season's stunning beauty is clearly defined as the months pass by. Our "Three Seasons" package is perfect for those who want to show off their pet in stunning landscapes defined by their seasonal beauty. Great for adult pets, this is also a great way to document the growth and maturity of your puppy since you can divide the sessions over a 12 month period. These photos will last a lifetime!


- BBB Photo Session

This package is a "My Buddy" exclusive! There is nothing more special than the relationship your children develop with your pets. We take great care in registering this love, and as your baby grows and your pets become more mature, this photo session will live on for the rest of their lives as a cherished heirloom.  Tears of joy are guaranteed! 


-  Thank You Session

This is when you tell your pet, "Thank you so many years of unconditional love and happiness you've given us." This session is specially designed with as much care as we can give your pets. As our pets get older and it gets close to that moment when you want to remember them forever, we offer this photo session. This session can include family members as well.  Our goal is to document this last moments of a life filled with love.


- Buddy Family and Pet Session

YES... they are members of our family! If you want to combine golden moments of your family with your buddy let's talk. What a pleasure and honor it will be to be your family's photographer.



Your experience


   From the beginning to the end we want to give you and your Pet the "bow-WOW" experience! Our photoshoots are fun, relaxing and creative. We shoot with tons of patience and love. Afterwards, we guide you when selecting the images, prints, and frames that are right for you.  


All Packages include:


Planning Consultation

Here we talk  about your Pet and prepare as best we can for the photoshoot. Preparation is key: Where, How, When and What to expect during the Photoshoot. 


The Photoshoot

The photoshoot takes at a locale that we agreed upon. The best time to take our photos is at the very beginning or the end of the day, when the light is beautiful and not too harsh. 


 Photo Delivery

Oh, the anticipation! To finally see these stunning photos of your buddy whether he or she is a cat or dog or turtle. Our goal is to take the very best photos you have ever had of your Buddy!   We edit your photos one by one and turn around is about a week and a half.  


Enjoy your Images forever!

          After the photo's delivery you have the option to close A La Cart Products Soon, within weeks, you will receive your work of art...everything you dreamed of and more! Whether you chose a fine art book, a canvas frame or just simple prints, the final product will leave you gasping with joy!



Here a just a few examples of A La Cart Products we deliver. 

We offer Canvas Wraps, Metallic Prints, Framed Canvas, Elegant Prints, Fine Art Books




         The "My Buddy Photography experience" is fully customizable to create the images that capture your animal’s unique personality.  We service the Denver/Boulder and everywhere in-between area, creating museum quality artwork that will invigorate your home.  Our promise is to deliver the "Bow-WOW" experience...excellent attention to your Pet's needs while at the same time giving you a work of art that is among the best in the country. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!   

Because all sessions are unique and customized, prices vary Pet to Pet. Beside the A La Carte Products, we work with 4 different packages and the Session fee is $250 (tax are included). Contact us for more information!